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Think Pets... Think Pet People

We are grateful that you allow us to do the job we love:

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Mobile Grooming

Inside our vans
outside your home.

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Salon Grooming

Full grooming
in all of our stores.

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Home Delivery

All your favorite pet products
straight to your door.

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Why Think Pet People

With our four Pet Shops in Limassol and our Pet Store in Nicosia, our company is the largest pet company in Cyprus today. We serve thousands of happy clients each and every month who use our Pet Stores, Mobile Grooming, Grooming Salons & Home Delivery. It's an honor to say that we have clients who have been loyal to our company for close to a decade.

To have happy customers our company must have happy Pet People. We currently employ over 20 employees from groomers to administrative staff. Many of whom have been with us from the very beggining.

Whilst we continue to grow year on year, we will never forget our intial incentive. Our main goal has and always will be the convenience of our clients. Having a pet can be very time consuming and we strive to do our best to remove the stress and time consuming tasks of having a pet in todays busy world.

Our Pet Store Home Delivery and Mobile Grooming Services are available to all areas of Cyprus and are by far the most convenient way of grooming and buying pet food for your pets!


We know you're busy, we work to your convenience

Saving you time and money

Having a pet can be hard in todays busy world.

Whether you need to use our Pet Taxi services for a trip to the vet or airport.

Whether you're sick of pet hairs in your cars and four trips to the salon and back.

We're here to help and ready to work our services around your schedule.


Pets can be expensive

Our goal is to help as much as possible.

We provide frequent offers for our VIP's (very important pets)

From our 5+1 FREE grooming services, to our FREE home delivery service.

We're always busy finding ways to make having a pet,

easier and more convenient for all of our customers.


With our multiple Locations

We are constantly thinking of you.

Our five stores in Limassol & Nicosia.

Offer a large variety of pet products, services & expertise.

Each of our sales staff have a specific knowledge, whether they're experts in aquatics

or hold a bachelor in Animal Science.

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Choose the grooming service that's right for you and your pets

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